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New Multihead Weighers

Multihead Weighers
They are the best solution to weigh all kind of food and non food products at high speed and best accuracy.
Multihead Weighers of 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 32 heads.
Hoppers of 0,5 - 1,5 - 2,5 - 5 - 7 liters of capacity.
Multihead Weighers, are made of stainless steel to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
Multihead Weighers
Multihead Weighers316-IP67-4.0
Multihead Weighers
  • Industrial Touch-Screen.
  • DSP Processor, allow fast and accurate combinations
  • Mixing up to 4 product in one Multihead Weigher
  • One panel controls up to 10 Multihead Weighers
  • Dual packer control and dual feeder control
  • Full integral control: Weigher + Bagger + Metal detector
  • Operator login, individual statistics data
  • Top cone load cell for feeding control
  • Bucket capacity control, display real bucket level
  • Single vibrator control to ease combinations
  • Hi speed production, up to 180 d.p.m.
  • Hi accuracy combination, up to 32 heads
  • Up to 5 kg. per bucket, 0.1 grams of precision
  • Manifold dumps with auto-compensation
  • Full auto-learning, vibration, motion, weighing and counting
  • Units-counting software, unit-trend feature
  • weight stability control, assures correct weighing
  • Full step-motor control, reverse, double clamp
  • Step-motor sensor failure detection
  • Bucket and combination over-weight control
  • Product alarm, standby when lack of product
  • Empty bucket alarm, detects bucket failure
  • Auto-zero alarm, detects stucked product
  • Combination alarm, avoid bad combinations
  • Staggered dump, to avoid balls in the tube
  • Fast draining, open all bucket at same time
  • Microsoft® Excel® export for statistics
  • Remote assistance by internet
Multihead Weighers
  • Wifi Control
  • Webcam support
  • Stainless steel full IP 65
  • Rotation main feeder control
  • Dual collect bucket option
Multihead Weighers Mix up to 8 products 4x8 = 32  
Speed up to 180 weights / m  
1-2-3-4 discharge points