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with metal detector

Trieuses pondérales en continu avec détecteur de métaux
Dynamic checkweigher with metal detector.

Combines one dynamic checkweigher with a metal detector, all in a robust and compact structure.
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel chassis and plastics to operate in cold room, washable hose
  • Individual conveyor belts for reliability of the heavy
  • Expulsion for pneumatic cylinder or air blast to pieces rejected
  • Load cells with capacities for weighing from a few grams to tens of kilos
  • Photocell detection products
  • Weighing plate in white plastic approved for food
  • Metal detector THS21
  • Ejector for metal contaminated products
  • Collection box lockable metal contaminated products
  • Belt Acceleration / separation
  • Section roll if product accumulation
  • RS232 output for connection to computers
Dynamic checkweigher with metal detector
Dynamic checkweigher with metal detector
Dynamic checkweigher