Automatic Weighing & Packaging Machines

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Exaktapack, we pack everything you need.
  • Pesadora Multicabezal

    Multihead weighers for exact weighing of all kind of food and non food products. Our complete offer of all kind of weighers can resolve all problems of different products even sticky ones. Ideal too for fresh, dry, wet and frozen products. And all kind of fish and meat

  • Embolsadora Vertical

    Vertical bagging machine VFFS from reel of plastic film to pack as pillow or gusset bag. Flat bottom, Can be connected to auger filler of any kind of weighers.

  • Envasadora Horizontal Doypack

    Complete line for packing into plastic or paper bags. Exaktapack offer complete solution for packing all sort of food, non food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Lines are made on demand and adapted to each kind of necessity.